Saturday, December 7, 2019

One can dare to dream, so I thought

Long has it been my dream to have published outputs of what I would consider as my simple literary works. When I finally did publish a few of them, I dared to dream even bigger. I thought maybe a work or two of mine can penetrate bigger screens and translate them into box-office hits. I didn’t think any of that would be possible, given that I am but a small-time writer in a small town and my sales are not as phenomenal as, let’s say, John Grisham. But one can dare to dream, so I thought.

VHawk opened doors for me to present my published outputs to different media avenues. I was able to participate in various conferences where my books were presented to the public, and the same time, I was given chances to actually tell their story. VHawk helped me convince some key people in the mainstream media to consider the concepts I have made in my books. Luckily, a few of them have already been considered and are being further developed to fit the scheme of a story told on screen.

These tiny victories that VHawk has helped me achieve are huge trophies for a person like me who has only dared to dream. These are continuing successes that I will pursue with the help of VHawk, because I know that life isn’t about waiting for things to happen --- it is about making them happen. VHawk helped make things happen for me. They used to be just unimaginable. Now, while they continue to be surreal, they are, at any rate, attainable.